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I, Naveen Grewal, 24 years old, brought up in middle class family in Bhiwani, Haryana. I am an average scorer by birth but had a large dream of being commissioned in Indian Armed Forces. So following the path of achieving my dream, I started preparing for UPSC NDA Exam. But unfortunately, I lacked in finding sufficient necessary study material for the preparation of NDA Exam and also my parents thought that commissioning in Indian Armed Forces can only be successfully achieved by highly intellectual minded students and it is next to impossible for average scorers to achieve the same.

As a result, I wasn’t allowed to appear in the examination two times and I lacked in finding family’s back support while preparing for the exam. So I decided to make an attempt in convincing my parents. But I failed again. Firstly, I failed in finding family’s back support while preparation and secondly, I failed in convincing them . So after facing these two consecutive failures, I decided to prepare for the exam on my own. I started analyzing previous years question papers and finding available necessary study material for the exam. I lost an attempt in analyzing exam pattern and collecting sufficient necessary study material from various available platforms. After all these efforts, finally I made it to SSB Interview in my fourth attempt.


But I failed again in making it to medicals. It happened to me twice consecutively. In my last and sixth attempt, I gave my best and made it to medicals but was unlucky in making it to academy because of my  medical unfitness. Later on, I got declared permanent unfit. So, all the doors of achieving my dreams get closed for me. I discussed all this with my best friend Neha and she told me in an inspirational way that “I really appreciate your every single efforts you made for achieving your dream and you did as much as you could. Naveen, you are not the only one in this nation who had to face such struggle. There are lots of students like you. Even though I am also one of those lots of students. But the difference is, every student has a different version of the same story to speak and yes, you don’t failed because you lost achieving your dream because of something which wasn’t in your hands”.

she has always been an inspiration for me and her words took me to a thought that “Its not always about the matter of your efforts, sometimes, its all about your luck and fate” and we finally decided to develop an online platform which will help everyone in finding necessary sufficient study material for free so that anyone can prepare for Government job examinations on their own irrespective of their financial condition and back support from all sides. So these different thoughts of different minds took us to the development of this website.

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I,Pooja Grewal,27 yrs old average minded independent girl born on 17 Dec 1995 in Western District of Haryana that is also famous by the name Boxing club of India named Bhiwani.

I was brought up in a middle class family of Bhiwani district in Haryana and pursued my schooling from the same district. As belonging to a middle class family , my family was the backbone of my education.


But unfortunately , as being a middle class family member I had to face a lot of problems and circumstances to pursue my education because by the time of completion of my Intermediate , my family had a strong financial support for my education.

But after completion, my family has to face some critical family and financial issues and I was eldest amongst my siblings.

So as a result , I had to be independent at a very early age to be a support for my family. So I started preparing for various competetive examinations after completion of my intermediate. Due to lack of knowledge of competetion field, I failed to qualify in various examination.

So, I and my brother experienced failures from same fields. That's why we decided to develop an online platform where everyone can have free access to enhance their knowledge from almost every perspective of competetive examination field.




Necessity of EDUCATION

Nowadays education has become a  business in today’s world. Because if today someone has to get educated , He/She has to pay for it. Which means if anyone’s family is not financially strong or efficient than that individual can never get any education irrespective of how talented the individual is.

That’s why we are starting this website to provide educational free books and notes for everyone irrespective of financial efficiency of anyone’s family or their own. So that everyone would become independent of themselves at a very early age.